Ode to Color | Outreach | Lori Weitzner
Ode to Color | Outreach | Lori Weitzner


Step into the enchanting world of Ode to Color® with our captivating range of services, including lectures, keynotes, and workshops that delve deep into the mesmerizing universe of color.

Our lectures are a journey through the art and science of color, exploring its profound impact on human perception, emotions, and culture. Engage with thought-provoking discussions and gain insights into how color shapes our world.

Experience the magic of our keynotes, where Lori Weitzner unravel the mysteries of color. Immerse yourself in the stories of how color has inspired creativity, sparked revolutions, and transformed industries.

For a hands-on experience, our workshops offer a chance to actively engage with color. Discover the power of color theory, experiment with pigments, and unleash your inner artist as you create stunning compositions that celebrate the kaleidoscope of Ode to Color.

Whether you're an artist seeking inspiration, a designer looking to enhance your craft, or a curious soul intrigued by the enchanting world of color, our services will ignite your imagination and leave you with a profound appreciation for the role color plays in our lives. Explore the boundless possibilities of color with Ode to Color and embark on a journey that celebrates the vibrant tapestry of our world.



D&D Building, New York
Dallas Design Center
Google Xi
London Focus
Morgan Stanley, LIFT
NeoCon Chicago
San Francisco Design Center
Seattle Design Center

Academic Presentations

New York School of Interior Design, New York
Parsons School of Design, New York
Queens University, Charlotte
Savanah College of Art & Design, Savanah
USC Marshall Alumni Association, Los Angeles
UNLV School of Architecture, Las Vegas


A Well-Designed Business
Business of Home
The Chaise Lounge

Additional Notable Appearances

AD Design Show:
Seeing the World Through Colored Lenses, New York

Forward Thinking:
Handmade Products for the Modern World
Museum of New Mexico Foundation, Santa Fe

Ode to Color
Jacob Javitz Center, New York

Ode to Color
92nd Street Y, New York

Veranda Magazine:
The Art of Design, San Francisco

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