Every product begins with an inspiration. A glimmer of an idea might come from a museum exhibition, a book in our beautiful library, a store window on Madison Ave, or the sleeve of a well-loved coat. Every season, we venture outside the city on a field trip to take in fresh sites and commune with nature. From our travels, we share pictures, artifacts and musings that open our minds to new possibilities.
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Process | Lori WeitznerProcess | Lori Weitzner
Process | Lori Weitzner
Here at our white box sanctuary, we are allowed the unique opportunity to explore these ideas in material form. This could mean spending a day drawing, painting, making stencils or collaging torn paper. We might fire up our sewing machine, or turn our kitchen into a darkroom to make prints. These explorations become the start of a textile, a greeting card, a length of decorative trim - the potential is truly endless.

We then collaborate with sources large and small from all over the world, from a historic mill in Italy to a grassroots operation in the mountains of Nepal. We think macro and micro, delving into the details of color, material and construction. Balancing practical elements with aesthetic concerns, we bring products to market that are beautiful, functional, and imbued with a sense of soul.