Lori Weitzner | Venice Biennale 2022

The Venice Project | Lori Weitzner

Lori Weitzner is thrilled to announce her participation in the 2022 Venica Biennale, opening in Venice, Italy on April 23, 2022. Her multi-sensory immersive exhibit called “Ode to Color” will be part of one of the four extensive exhibit locations presented by the European Cultural Centre (ECC). Personal Structures, the biennial contemporary art exhibition that invites artists and creative minds from across the world, will launch its sixth edition with press previews and opening events on the 21st and 22nd of April 2022 in all ECC locations. The exhibition will feature a wide selection of artworks from internationally renowned and emerging artists, photographers, and sculptors, as well as showcase projects by worldwide academic institutions, all of which will be exhibited in the historical venues of Palazzo Bembo, Palazzo Mora and Giardini della Marinaressa, located in the heart of the Venetian city. Lori’s exhibit will be part of the Palazzo Mora.

This year, the exhibition will revolve around the idea of reflections, understood as both the image created from a mirrored surface as well as a thought, idea, or opinion formed from meditation.

Using this idea as a starting point, Weitzner’s multi-sensory exhibit immerses guests in ten color worlds that correspond to the many gears we all move through in the course of our lives: work, reflection, rest, levity, passion, love. “What connects them is that they speak to the senses on an emotional level, influencing our moods and energies, prompting us to work harder or relax more or celebrate with greater abandon, reflecting who we are and what we feel,” Weitzner explains.

Through ten translucent boxes, Weitzner transports us through her personal worlds of color using mixed materials both man and nature-made. In addition, she pairs each world with original musical compositions as well as unique scents that also reflect each of these unique color worlds. The installation invites visitors to not just “see” color but to experience it with all their senses and reflect upon the colors that are most personally impactful.

The Venice Project | Lori Weitzner

This exhibition could not have happened without the generous support of her sponsors, Artistic Tile, Hunter Douglas, Pollack / Weitzner, and Samuel & Sons, all of whom are steeped in the world of making products that enhance our environments.

Sara Danieli, Bérénice Freytag, Yuki Gómez Asami, Vittoria Mastrolilli, Lucia Pedrana, Claudia Piovan, Valeria Romagnini, Micaela Skerl, Suzanne van der Borg, Elena Volpato, Katerina Zachou

Special musical compositions complementing the exhibition were created by:

Jason Scott Myers of San Anselmo, California Learn more »

Mikey Enwright of Boston, Massachusetts Learn more »


Smell is the oldest of our senses. It is intertwined, biologically, with the emotion and memory centers of our brains as part of the limbic system, giving smell a uniquely powerful hold on us. Science tells us that that the scents of our childhood – your mother’s perfume, fresh cut grass, clean laundry, log fires – evoke the most vivid memories and emotions. Surrounding ourselves with these beloved fragrances is a simple, impactful way to improve our moods and create a sense of well-being.

Each fragrance in the Ode to Color exhibition has been designed to capture the personality of each color world. Learn more »

23 April - 27 November 2022

European Cultural Centre (ECC)
Palazzo Mora
Strada Nova 3659
30121 Venice, Italy
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