Lori Weitzner’s book Ode to Color, published by Harper Collins, immerses you in a sensual and engaging journey into the world of color as it applies to culture, design, mood, and memory. It is a fully sensory conveyance of each color palette’s particular power as well as a consideration of its tangible and intangible connections. Color has a huge impact upon our decision making, our moods, and our tastes and she beautifully illustrates how to use these color worlds as a tool to enhance all our lives.

She invites you to take her color test to discover what your color worlds might be and lectures around the world on LIVING WELL WITH COLOR.


What if colors have a taste, What would blue taste like?
What if colors have a sound, What would purple sound like?
What if colors have a sensation, What would red feel like?
What if colors can look back at you, What would green say?

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